Ping Pong

The name already makes you want to go see what is behind Ping Pong!
This is a store workshop with 3 creators: Cap’taine Fringant, Mel de Margo and Papi Lili.  A very nice space located in Nantes (France).

We didn’t find a circuit shorter than that! Indeed Capt’aine Fringant and Papi Lili make their creations upstairs!

Presentation of the creators: 


Marlène offers silk-screened leather goods! Bags, wallets, kits etc …
These are unique pieces, in limited series. I advise you to go touch the products to realize the quality of materials!

Marlène also offers to customize a creation by choosing colors.
Recently Cap’taine Fringant and Geoffrey Berniolle collaborated to create product 100% Nantes, here is the result:

-Papi Lili

Aurélie offers unique jewelry! Because each jewel is designed around recycled paper. She stocks papers of all kinds: old fashion books, pubs, comics etc …
Aurélie uses the technique of rolled paper and designs from A to Z her jewels. You will find necklaces, earrings, rings etc, nobody will have the same jewel!

-Mel de Margo

Mélanie offers a collection of women clothes, jewelry and pins. The collection is unique, chic, a style that we recognize!
The pins are made of wood with original shapes: cats, boats, fish … This accessory is the little detail that makes everything ☺

The best is to show you all that in photo:

If you don’t have a crush for Ping Pong with all that, I do not understand ☺

Ping Pong : 22 rue des Carmes à Nantes
Instagram : pingpongnantes
Facebook : pingpongboutique

Photos : Dame de coeur

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