Tête de poulpe

I love the names of the shops, it’s always

Tête de poulpe is a store of creators located
in Brest (France). A collective of creators manages the shop, some of which are
present to sell several days a month. This allows them to have fewer expenses
and meet customers, have a direct feedback on their work.

The shop is large and can therefore offer a wide selection of handmade creations: ceramic, cosmetic, deco, jewelry, child, fashion, leather goods! About 40 creators are presented.

Tête de poulpe is on Brest and soon in St Renan too ☺ A city near Brest.

Visit in

Tête de Poule in Brest : 2 rue Jean-Baptiste Boussingault in Brest
Tête de Poulpe in St Renan : 37 rue Saint-Yves 29290 SAINT-RENAN

Website : https://tetedepoulpe29.wixsite.com/tetedepoulpe
Instagram : tete_de_poulpe_boutique
Facebook : tetedepoulpebrest

Photos : Dame de coeur

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