The shop NOO
opened recently in Saint-Malo, more particularly in Saint Servan (France).

It is a collective of creators who share the rent and the time in the store. So you have the chance to meet some designers in the shop. 
Noo is a friendly space for sharing. A coffee will be served with pleasure, the goal being to have a good time.

About 20 creators are to discover. Many areas are represented: ceramic, jewelry, zero waste, cosmetics, wall decor, child …
A selection of quality, I was impressed by many creations!

At the back of the shop, a space has been created to receive you: The LABO. The creators will organize workshops to help you discover their work. For example, Morgane Chouin has made discover linocut. These are the blue paintings displayed in the shop (photo 1).

NOO : 47 rue Ville Pépin 35400 Saint-Malo
Instagram : boutiknoo
Facebook : boutiknoo

Photos : Dame de coeur

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