Les mordus

I’ll take you to Brest (France). The shop of creators Les Mordus is part of the collective Les ateliers de Louis. This collective includes about twenty creators coming from all the universes:
-Leather goods

On the floor of the shop, there are several
workspaces occupied by the creators. Regularly, they organize an open door to
discover live how some of the creations of the shop are made.

Here is an overview of the creations:

At the back of the shop, you will find the Louise Gallery. It is an exhibition space for all forms of art.

During my visit, it was the Presque beau exhibition of the collective Les Flèches and Informel : photos of the everyday life of the people of Brest.

The creation represented in 3 different ways, in one place: Workshops, shop, exhibitions.

Shop: Les mordus : 12 rue Louis Pasteur 29200 Brest
Instagram : les_mordus_la_boutique
Facebook : LaBoutiqueLesMordus

Photos : Dame de coeur

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