Casadele, the workshop where beautiful wedding dresses come to life. In the heart of Brest (France), all you have to do press the intercom button, climb a few steps and you will come across Casedele. I never imagined a workshop here and that’s what’s magic! 

Sea view, in a
small cocoon, you are received with a smile to create with Ana Gross, the dress
of your dreams. We really feel privileged and that’s the asset of this

Ana Gross talk with you about your desires, guides you and begins the drawing. Once validated, go for design. Everything is handmade even the buttons, a real craft and passionate work. The goal is to create a unique dress, with quality materials while modernizing dresses from another era. Ana creates a real relationship with her client, until the D day. 

I discovered in his studio other models of dresses far from the famous mermaid dresses, princess dresses etc. I also enjoyed the details of Spanish lace, I had never seen it before, it’s a completely different style.

A dress with jacquard? Yes
it’s possible ! ☺

These are real works of art !!

And for guests or just for a special occasion, know that Casadele also makes evening dresses:

Casadele has the project also to create some evening accessories:

Casadele : 5 rue de Siam, 29200 Brest
Instagram : casadeleofficiel
Facebook : Casadeleofficiel

Photos : dame de coeur

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